Order DIY Bubble Tea Kit by Wednesday for Friday collection. Pick up available after 12pm at selected store!


  • How do I make my own Bubble Tea?
    • An instruction manual is provided with your Utopia DIY bubble tea kit
    • Check out the video at this <Link> 
  • What if my drink is too sweet? Can it be adjusted?
    • The beauty of this DIY bubble tea kit is that YOU can adjust the drink to however YOU want. Sugar, milk type/with or without milk, strength of tea etc. can all be adjusted according to taste.
    • The instruction manual is only a general guide for how to make bubble tea at home. We encourage everyone to experiment and create your very own custom bubble tea.
  • How should I store the raw products once I bring them home?
    • Do store the sago in your freezer until you are ready to cook it. This preserves the life of your sago for much longer!
    • Our unique brown sugar also keep better when they are left in the fridge!
  • Where does the ingredients come from?
    • Caramelised brown sugar is made locally in WA with local ingredients.
    • Creamer, premium tea bags and sago come the original home of bubble tea
  • Are there any other toppings I can choose from?
    • We hope to expand the range over time. For now only sago is available.